Paypal - A Simple and Secure way to pay :)

Payment by Paypal is very simple. If you have ever used Ebay you will already know the basics. If you have never used Paypal before, click on the logo above and have a browse of the services they have to offer.

You can pay for your services either monthly, quarterly, annually or ad hoc, whichever you prefer. You arrange this with us prior to your services being set up.

Payment for our services is due on the 1st of every month. An email invoice will be sent to you at least 7 days before your payment is due. This email will contain a Paypal Link to click on to pay. If your account is more than 7 days in arrears, it will be suspended until the payment arrives. There is a £5 charge to unsuspend an account.

Domain purchases will be invoiced in advance of the domain name being obtained. Should the domain cease to be available before it can be registered, you will receive a full refund. There are NO refunds for other services, unless you are more than 2 full months in credit and then 75% of your credit can be returned.

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