Offsite Storage
Keep your Data Safe and Secure

Do you have files you wish to keep backed up ? Do you want a secure place to store private data and documents ? If you have files you do not want others in your office or home to be able to access, this could be your answer.

Our Offsite Storage systems are NOT accessible as a web pages, and therefore are very secure. If you have a fixed IP address we can even ensure that ONLY your IP can connect to the servers. Files may be uploaded to and downloaded from your storage space by using FTP. Most modern browsers have FTP built in, so you probably won't have to even install any software.

For each account you receive 2 FTP accounts. One master account which has read and write access and one read-only account to enable you to allow others to download files, without being able to upload or delete anything.

By using (for instance) Internet Explorer, you can save your files to a secure place, simply by dragging and dropping them onto the FTP window. You can create Directories the same as you do on your own hard drive, to keep things organised, and even upload entire directories at once.

Your storage space can also be used to transfer large files that are too big for email. You can upload the files and allow another trusted individual to download them.


5gig storage - £10.00 per month

10gig storage - £15.00 per month

20gig storage - £25.00 per month

Legal Stuff

Your offsite storage space counts as an extension of your own computer and as such is your own responsibility. Although we do our very best to ensure smooth and problem free running of the servers, we can accept no liability whatsoever for any data, loss of data, corruption, downtime or any consequential loss. Our standard Terms & Conditions apply.

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