Frequently Asked Questions

And before anyone asks - NO I do not answer personal questions on this page !

Q. Are you only a one-man-band (or one-girl-band as the case may be)?
A. No, I work in association with two highly experienced and reputable companies, that have already been briefed to take over the hosting should the need arise. So rest assured that your domains and websites will be safe.

Q. What if I want to transfer my domain to another host? How much do you charge?
A. Simple answer? NOTHING WHATSOEVER ! Whatever the reason, you are free to transfer your domain elsewhere at any time, free of charge (unlike most webhosts). The worst example of charging to transfer out was by a very well known company, who wanted an entire years hosting fees for the transfer. What a rip-off !!!!!

Q. My site is an Adult Site. Can you still host for me?
A. Yes we can. There is a small surcharge (please see hosting prices page) for sites with adult content, but this is because sites of this nature are hosted in a different data centre. Remember though that any adult content on your site MUST be legal under UK and USA law.

Q. Can you register and host ANY domains (TLD's)?
A. We can host any domain name and even subdomains, but we can only register TLD's handled by our registrars. The list of TLD's available often changes, so please contact us if you have a particular TLD in mind.

More questions will be answered when I get some !

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