Anonymous Web Hosting
A Special Service for TV - TS - TG - CD Customers Only

Being a transvestite myself, I know how difficult it is to be able to obtain professional web hosting services, without giving out personal details and having the domain in your real name. This is very off-putting to many trannies who would love to have a web presence.

With our Anonymous Service, we register the domain for you, in the name of ZoeBallz.Net . Your domain remains your property at all times, but it is our address and email that appears in the WHOIS information.

We would however have a record of your Paypal account ID when we receive payment but that is all. Please bear in mind that should the Police or any other Authority request this information, it will be given on production of the appropriate Data Protection Act forms.

On your control panel, you will have a place to update the email address you would like us to contact you on. It is crucial you keep this up to date with a current "working" address. ONLY support and modification requests from this email address will actioned. But, should things go awry, you would also be given a code to quote to us from any email address, so we know it is you !

One thing to bear in mind - In effect our servers are in the UK and therefore all UK laws apply. This includes all laws relating to pornography and fraud.

Remember - We KNOW how important your privacy is. I HAVE BEEN THERE !

BUT and that's a BIG BUT ! Our rules must be strictly adhered to. ANY breach will mean immediate suspension of your account. You have to appreciate that we are sticking our necks out here, because of peoples attitudes to transvestisism and transexualism. We want things to change, but in the meantime we have to abide by the law and by the rules of our ISPs.

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